Lion of Malaya Ready to Roar

Lion of Malaya Preview

Tiny Battle Publishing released Lion of Malaya this month from veteran Lock N’ Load designer Arrigo Velicogna. The game was originally released as a part of Flying Pig Games’ Yaah! magazine back in 2016. That said, this isn’t just a straight reprint of that game. Instead, updates from the designer have been included. This is […]

Compass Slots Empires & Alliances

Empires and Alliances Cover

Compass Games LLC has given Empires & Alliances a production slot in February 2018. Not familiar with Empires & Alliances? I was not either. In fact, I didn’t see anything on their site about it until I saw the production queue. Turns out, Rob Beyma is behind this World War I strategic game. That may […]