What is WargameHQ?

I believe that wargaming is core to understanding the history of human conflict.  The choices, topics, and scales of the games each present an opportunity to both learn and engage in historical settings.  Whether it’s the Wars of Reformation and Virgin Queen, or a hypothetical conflict between India and Pakistan, the spirit of understanding the world in which we live and the events that lead us to where we are and where we may yet go intrigue me.  I hope you’ll find the content on this site useful and I always love to hear from readers if there’s something in particular you’d like to see!

How did you select THESE games?

The games listed on the site are the games I own.  I added them all so I’d have placeholders for when I add content about each game.  If there’s a game you’d like me to cover, get in touch and we can work it out most likely!

Can I Contribute to the WargameHQ?

Without reservation, yes! While we don’t currently pay for writers, I hope to get to the point where we can pay $ .01 per word for quality guest articles and bring on a core group of folks who want to help scour the web for news and content to support WargameHQ.

We are interested in creators who want to:

  • Contribute game photography
  • Write feature stories about games, the industry, or contribute interviews
  • Provide us rights to add your videos to our site
  • Host their wargame podcast with us (if we get enough, we can look at stats and potentially broker advertising revenue on your programs)
  • Attend conventions and do write-ups for the site
  • Publishers who want to promote their upcoming games
  • Designers who want to contribute design journal entries about the games they’re working on currently

If it’s a compelling idea, we’re likely to want to publish it!


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