What is WargameHQ?

I love playing, talking about, and writing about wargames. I started back in 1988 and haven’t looked back. Across the past three decades, I may have taken some breaks from my favorite hobby (college…I’m looking at you!), but throughout it all I have remained an ardent fan of all things boardgaming. My collection is now well over 1,000 titles, but I still have so many unplayed games I wanted to create a site that documented my collection, interests, and thoughts on the games I love in the hobby that’s been with me for over thirty years now.

If you love wargaming as well, then this is YOUR headquarters as well. Drop me a line! I’d love to hear about your story, have you write for WargameHQ, or review a product your company is producing!

How did you select THESE games?

The games listed on the site are the games I own.  I added them all so I’d have placeholders for when I add content about each game.  If there’s a game you’d like me to cover, get in touch and we can work it out most likely!

Can I Contribute to the WargameHQ?

Without reservation, yes!

We are interested in creators who want to:

  • Contribute game photography
  • Write feature stories about games, the industry, or contribute interviews
  • Provide us rights to add your videos to our site
  • Host their wargame podcast with us (if we get enough, we can look at stats and potentially broker advertising revenue on your programs)
  • Attend conventions and do write-ups for the site
  • Publishers who want to promote their upcoming games
  • Designers who want to contribute design journal entries about the games they’re working on currently

If it’s a compelling idea, we’re likely to want to publish it!


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