What is WargameHQ?

This is a site I put together to capture some of my experiences playing and thinking about tabletop wargaming. That is primarily board wargames/conflict simulations (consims), but occasionally I may include something about miniature gaming. WargameHQ grew out of a few other writing and web projects I pulled together in the past including:

  • The Everyday Gamer – A blog I kept in 2013 where I wrote a BoardGameGeek blog post each day for a year. In the end, I deleted everything when I reduced my presence on BGG.
  • GamesOnTables.com – My first gaming website where I attempted to continue my blogging and then capture a database of the games I owned. It was short lived because it lacked a focus on Wargaming despite the vast majority of my game collection being wargames! Ultimately, this project didn’t fit and I moved on to WargameHQ.

How did you get into wargaming?

I had a friend who lived down the street that visited Gettysburg in 1988. He returned with the Avalon Hill Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Edition game. That summer, the game remained set up on his dining room table, bedroom floor, my bedroom floor, and in a tent we slept in outside sometimes. It was a constant part of rainy days and when we were exhausted from playing outside and swimming in the lake.

We both enjoyed playing Axis & Allies prior to Gettysburg, but there was just something about the game that was absolutely different from anything I had ever experienced. It made me want to read more about Gettysburg and understand who those little bits of cardboard were and why certain hexes had victory points associated with them.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t get to Gettysburg myself until 31 years later with my son who same age I was when I first fell in love with wargaming. We took Mark Herman’s Gettysburg game with us to play in the hotel and it was a great memory of being in a place that meant so much to my entry to the hobby, walking the hexmap in person, and getting incredible opportunity to share that with my son.

What’s next for the site?

I’m interested in finding some partners to come on board and help generate content for the site alongside of me. While I appreciate that I’ve been doing this alone for quite some time, it’d be great to have others to bounce ideas off of and to help with the content generation load!

If you’re interested … just drop me a line – I’m Keith @ WargameHQ.com

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