Mean it: The Debate Over Unit Ratings

Mean It The Debate Over Unit Ratings

I was listening to the excellent Harold on Games podcast a few weeks ago and heard Harold’s interview with Jack Greene. Jack mentioned that he used to get more wound-up about wargame unit ratings when he was younger. Greene also pointed out that beloved topics, such as World War II or the American Civil War […]

Burning Water – Thoughts on Fire in the Lake

Mekong Support Grows

Fire in the Lake was released in 2014 and has remained one of the most popular COIN titles. Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke managed to cram the everything that made the Vietnam conflict such a quagmire into 3″ GMT Games depth box. The COIN series is stretched in interesting ways here because of the novel […]

Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk Review

Platoon Commander Deluxe Kursk City Fighting

There are a few battles and operations on the eastern front of World War II that are guaranteed to get some kind of reaction. The first, of course, is Stalingrad. The second is the opening of Operation Barbarossa. The “battle of Kursk” or really back-to-back operations Citadel (German offensive) and Kutusov (Russian couner-offensive) is the […]

Introducing Washington’s War to children

Washingtons War for Kids

My son’s teacher emails families to give them a heads up on what students will learn each week. Last week, we learned that my son would be diving into the American Revolutionary War. He is well aware of my wargame collection since it spans most of the shelving in the house upstairs. His first question […]

The Triumph & Tragedy of Triumph & Tragedy

Triumph of Triumph and Tragedy

Triumph & Tragedy is a triumph and a tragedy. Sorry. I had to get that out of my system. Today we’re looking at the GMT Games release Triumph & Tragedy which has been described as, among other things, a World War II sandbox. Consequently, I’m going to break down some early thoughts about the game […]

Life & Death of Tactical World War II Games (Part 1)

Life and Death of Tactical WW2 Games

There are an (over?) abundance of World War II tactical games. Make no mistake, the last 20 years have given us new content and series like: Advanced Squad Leader Advanced Tobruk Band of Brothers Combat Commander Combat Infantry Company Scale System Conflict of Heroes Fields of Fire Fighting Formations Grand Tactical Series Lock ‘N Load […]

Mechanic Monday – Advance After Combat

Mechanic Monday - AAC

There’s nothing sweeter than getting the roll you need to eliminate an enemy unit. That is, of course, unless you can immediately advance after combat into the hex or area that the enemy vacated! Advance after combat has been with the hobby for as long as I can remember and provides players with an immediate, […]

Zen & The Art of Wargame Prep

Zen and the Art of Wargame Preparation

The research is done. You’ve placed the order. Your game has arrived and the shrinkwrap is torn. What next? Today I’m going to be looking at Zen and the Art of Wargame Prep. This is all about those things we do as wargamers between purchasing a game and getting it on the table. I want […]

Mechanic Monday: Counter Layout

Mechanic Monday - Counter Layout

Board wargames, generally speaking, use cardboard squares or rectangles called counters. Understanding the information design contained on these tiny representations of units is key to playing wargames. Today, we’re looking at counter layout! Why Counters? Wargame counters go back to the 19th century and the Kriegsspiel¬†game where small blocks were used to represent various units. […]

10 Reasons Why Wargamers Are Awesome

10 Reasons Wargamers Are Awesome

Wargaming is an incredible hobby and today we’re looking at 10 reasons why wargamers are awesome. It can be easy to forget about the loads of great people who support the hobby on a daily basis in big ways (publishers & designers) and in little ways (the guy down the street who is always up […]