The 2010’s – A Few Acres of Snow (2011)

A Few Acres of Snow - Game of the Year 2011

A Few Acres of Snow published in 2011 by Treefrog Games is our most influential game from that year. I can’t lie. I did not want to select this game. In fact, I originally wrote the whole post about None But Heroes from MMP because it launched the Line of Battle series which I love. […]

The 2010’s – Labyrinth: The War on Terror 2001 – ? (2010)

Labyrinth War on Terror 2010

In this series, we’ll be taking a look back at the most influential game of each year of the past decade starting with Labyrinth: The War on Terror 2001-? from 2010. The last decade saw a true resurgence of wargaming that some have called a second golden-age. While I think that designation probably falls into […]

Tactical Genius: A Look at Fields of Fire

Fields of Fire Cover

Wargaming has an existential crisis each time a player sits down at the table. Fields of Fire is one of the few titles that doesn’t suffer from this existential affliction. Players must ask themselves, “who am I?” In many cases, as the case of Normandy ’44 I am the operational and perhaps the battalion commander […]

Scramble for Identity & The Struggle to Control the Past

Struggle to control the past

This past weekend, I wrote a blog post about GMT Games’, now removed, P500 title “Scramble for Africa.” In it, I bemoaned the poor marketing copy and highlighted concerns based on the combination of topic and game description. I further suggested that GMT Games consider the Hollandspiele approach to rolling out games on difficult topics […]

Scramble for Africa: A Lesson in How NOT To Launch a Game

How Not To Launch A Game

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED AT THIS POINT AND I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT THE LAST ARTICLE I’LL BE WRITING ON THIS TOPIC: UPDATE: GMT Games issued a statement today (4/7/19) that indicated they would remove Scramble for Africa from the P500 program. Their response provided a framework for respecting the designer/developer team […]

Lessons in Creating Wargame Valuation

Wargame Collection Valuation

I offered to help a new Boardgamegeek user a month or so ago with selling his collection. The first step was creating a market valuation for his games. Today, we’re going to be looking at how I created a wargame collection valuation and what we can learn about the perceived versus actual value of the […]

Should Wargames Ever Be Finished?

Should Wargames Ever Be Finished

Ever since George Lucas tinkered with the iconic original Star Wars trilogy, fans have asked one complex question. Should Lucas, or 20th Century Fox, have altered the movies? This question can be applied more broadly to other topics. Today, we’re asking: Should wargames ever be finished? Ownership The first question that you have to consider […]

Mean it: The Debate Over Unit Ratings

Mean It The Debate Over Unit Ratings

I was listening to the excellent Harold on Games podcast a few weeks ago and heard Harold’s interview with Jack Greene. Jack mentioned that he used to get more wound-up about wargame unit ratings when he was younger. Greene also pointed out that beloved topics, such as World War II or the American Civil War […]

Burning Water – Thoughts on Fire in the Lake

Mekong Support Grows

Fire in the Lake was released in 2014 and has remained one of the most popular COIN titles. Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke managed to cram the everything that made the Vietnam conflict such a quagmire into 3″ GMT Games depth box. The COIN series is stretched in interesting ways here because of the novel […]

Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk Review

Platoon Commander Deluxe Kursk City Fighting

There are a few battles and operations on the eastern front of World War II that are guaranteed to get some kind of reaction. The first, of course, is Stalingrad. The second is the opening of Operation Barbarossa. The “battle of Kursk” or really back-to-back operations Citadel (German offensive) and Kutusov (Russian couner-offensive) is the […]