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History Bookshelf – January 2019

In the History Bookshelf January 2019 edition, we’ll be looking at a few books you might want to check out this month. They won’t all be non-fiction books, but they’re guaranteed to give you some ideas about what to read in the coming weeks! Spearhead: An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of […]

Shelf Queens – Unplayed but Loved Wargames

We all have it. A shelf of games that goes unplayed. You may just have a few games instead of a shelf. I, on the other hand, have shelves (plural) of unplayed but loved games. The firearm world calls these “safe queens.” They are the guns that are too valuable to shoot or have special […]

In This Hex – A Carnwarth-y Appeal

This is the second in the series of In This Hex articles. I still hope to create a podcast around this topic, but hope to bring you a monthly feature article. The series focuses on interesting events that took place on the maps where we slide cardboard. A small way to link the present to […]

Ode to the Die Roll Modifier

Today, I’m going to lighten the mood a little with a silly Ode. This three stanza ode is dedicated to the Die Roll Modifier. I hope you enjoy…or at least get a chuckle… Clatter and tumble, rattle and rumbleA two, by nature, not so by designIf only for you, this roll I soundly fumbleThe cry, […]

Mechanics Monday – Zone of Control Basics

Today we’re taking a look at Zone of Control Basics. This is first of a two-part series. We’re going to cover what zones of control represent, how they are generally employed in this basics article. We will also look at some basics for how you might approach them in a game. Let’s pay homage to […]

Lessons Learned – Selling a Game Collection

It happens. The shelves get over burdened. Games start piling up around the house. Your significant other gives you that knowing eyebrow raise. It’s time to sell some games. Today, we’re looking at lessons I learned from selling a game collection. In the summer of 2018, I did a major cull of my almost 1,500 […]

10 PR Strategies for Wargame Publishers

One of the many hats I wear in my day job is Public Information Officer. As a result, I deal with PR opportunities from time to time and think about stakeholder engagement all the time. One of the things I’ve observed in the Wargaming hobby is the staggering disparity between publishers in stakeholder engagement. These […]

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Great Heathen Army Review

Hollandspiele was named as the Publisher of the Year for 2018. As a result, I wanted to get a review out for one of their 2018 releases. Today, we’re looking doing a Great Heathen Army review. This is the fourth game in the Shields and Swords II series and covers 9th, 10th, and 11th century […]

Recon Report 2019, Part 3 Publishers N – Z

Welcome to Recon Report Part 3! Thanks for hanging in there. These were massive articles to prepare and write. On to the final preview of games coming out in 2019 that have caught my attention. I love going through at the start of the year and getting my hopes up, but the reality is that […]

Reviewing Wargame Reviews

Today we’re reviewing wargame reviews. Very meta, but very important. I can only speak for myself in this context, but it’s important that some body of work exists to set a baseline for wargame reviews. There are three major rules for wargame reviews: Be Honest Go Deeper Have a clear opinion That seems like a […]