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Revisiting No Retreat: The Russian Front

Some games are a flash in the pan. They are exciting, new and give you a rush, but lose their luster over time. Then there are the classics, those games you come back to repeatedly only to find nuance you hadn’t noticed or find comfort in a solidly built game that reminds you what wargaming […]

Publisher of the Year 2018

We recently named our Game of the Year 2018 (Congrats Pendragon!). WargameHQ also listed the rest of our Top 15 games for 2018. That said, we haven’t named our Publisher of the Year 2018 though! Today, we are proud to announce that Hollandspiele is our Wargame Publisher of the Year for 2018. You may know […]

Recon Report 2019 Games (G – M)

Welcome back to Part II of our Recon Report 2019! Today, we’re looking at games from publishers in alphabetical order from G through M. There were a lot of great publishers that looked like they had some very interesting titles in here. Unfortunately, many smaller publishers don’t make it easy to find information about their […]

Expanding The Borders of Wargaming

As we begin 2019, I am challenging the wargaming community to take up arms to fight for the expansion of our hobby. It takes very little effort, hardly any at all, to make this happen. The first inroads have been made into this virgin territory. Yet, there are some who still stand in the way […]

2019 WargameHQ.com Recon Report (A – F)

Today, we’ll be doing the first in a series of 2019 previews. These are games that are either scheduled for release, or that we HOPE release in 2019. In no way does WargameHQ.com have insider information about the release schedule of games! We just have a love of the hobby and look forward to the […]

Top 12 Wargames of 2018

Let’s look at the top 12 wargames of 2018 that didn’t make my best of list. There were so many amazing games that came out this year. Any “Wargame of the Year” award is going to go to the game (or games) that were played most frequently. Sometimes reviewers, like myself, just don’t get enough […]


WargameHQ 2018 Game of the Year

2018 was another fantastic year for wargamers! As a result, this year’s game of the year was even more difficult to select! I added 67 games to my collection this year which included some instant classics, oldies, and even a few magazine games. Let’s build up the drama a bit for our 2018 Game of […]

Publisher Sales Take Swipes From Local Retailers

I love a sale. The build-up to and anticipation felt following the purchases from the many publisher deep discount sales that occur each fall is something I relish. That said, not everyone is feeling the holiday cheer at the timing of these sales or the way in which they’re handled! Who could possibly grinch so […]

In This Hex – The Massacre at Foster’s Farm

The events described in this article relate to hex 2606 from Revolution Games’ Thunder in the Ozarks (2016). It’s hard to imagine what Confederate and Union soldiers alike thought when they came upon the eighteen dead Union soldiers who had been scalped, some while still alive, following the skirmish around Foster’s Farm during the battle […]