All Bridges Burning Hits P500

All Bridges Burning P500
All Bridges Burning P500

It only took 48 hours and All Bridges Burning has hit its P500 goal. GMT Games released their December company newsletter.  In it, we got official word that All Bridges Burning: Red Revolt and White Guard in Finland, 1917-1918, was ready for their P500 backer system.  Within 17 hours the game had over 400 backers and, as of this writing, stands at over 500 backers (mine included).

All Bridges Burning marks the tenth entry in the COIN system which has seen an explosion in the frequency of titles being released and the breadth of topical coverage provided by those titles.  Recent games include a traditional counterinsurgency in French Algeria with Colonial Twilight from Brian Train, but also Pendragon covering the end of Roman rule in England.  Still to come is Gandhi which made its P500 target and stands at 1,173 P500 orders as of December 18th according to GMT Games.

On BoardGameGeek the question was raised about whether folks were getting weary of COIN games from GMT?  The answer, at least at this point, seems to be a resounding no!

The game covers the Finnish Civil War, which is an often overlooked wargaming topic.  It features a 3-player limit which is unique as most COIN games to date have had a 4 faction configuration.  Fear not, the game does still include the famous “bot” system so you can play this one solo if necessary.  It’s designed by VPJ Arponen and will retail for $72.00, but if you back it on P500 the cost is a more manageable $49.00 which is a 35% price reduction.

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Check it out over at GMT Games and add your voice to the P500 list to get this one printed if you’re so inclined!

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  1. Other than the three player option I am not sure what tihs is adding to the genre of COIN games. I’m not that interested in the topic and I am unclear on what novel approach they are taking with this game. I feel as though the early numbers for this are more COIN fanboy driven. The game I am most excited to see in 2018 from GMT is Bayonets and Tomhaks. This looks like a great game and I am excited to see something compete with Wilderness War as the ‘perfect’ game for this period.


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