Wargame Radar 2018

2018 Wargame Radar

2017 is still going strong for another two weeks, but I’m ready to talk 2018 wargaming.  Let’s do this! Rather than just make an exhaustive list of all the cool titles we hope to see in 20...

5 Elements of Great Hypothetical ConSims

5 Elements of Great Hypothetical ConSims

What If… Who hasn’t asked themselves this or been a part of a “what if” conversation in their lifetime. Speculation is as much a part of human nature as disappointment, grief, ...

5 Reasons Wargame Series Rock

5 Reasons Wargame Series Rock!

Wargame series are the bedrock upon which wargame publishers have built their brands. Few wargame publishers that have seen growth and increased following have ignored the power of at least one series...

5 Reasons Wargame Series Suck

5 Reasons Wargame Series Sucks

This is the first in a two-part series where I talk about the virtues and sins of wargame series. For better, and for worse, our hobby is built upon the foundations of series. They attract gamers to t...

50 Reasons CDGS Are Still Awesome

50 Reasons Card Driven Games Are Still Awesome

Card Driven Games (CDGs) have been a part of our gaming lives for over 20 years. I sincerely hope we see them for another 20. Designers continue to evolve and innovate on the concepts first laid out i...

2017 A Look Back

A Look Back – 2017

While I would love to say that I’m going to play every game I buy…I’d be lying to you and to myself.  The reality is that I buy wargames because I love the hobby.  Sometimes, that me...

Battle Hymn Detail

Battle Hymn Review

It’s hard to picture what 24 year old Calvin A. Haynes might have imagined when he left his home in what is now East Nassau New York to enlist in the Union Army during the summer of 1862. After ...

9.5 Amazing
Battle Hymn Vol 1 - Gettysburg and Pea Ridge Cover

Battle Hymn Volume 1 – Gettysburg and Pea Ridge Unboxing

Unboxing Compass Games' latest from Eric Lee Smith - Battle Hymn: Volume 1 - Gettysburg and Pea Ridge.

Component Quality Cant Be Ignored

Component Quality Can’t Be Ignored

I don’t want to play your game if you care so little about its production that you phoned it in on the counters, map art, box design, player aid cards, and map. There, I’ve said it. I know...

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