Wargame Radar 2018

2018 Wargame Radar

2017 is still going strong for another two weeks, but I’m ready to talk 2018 wargaming.  Let’s do this! Rather than just make an exhaustive list of all the cool titles we hope to see in 20...

5 Elements of Great Hypothetical ConSims

5 Elements of Great Hypothetical ConSims

What If… Who hasn’t asked themselves this or been a part of a “what if” conversation in their lifetime. Speculation is as much a part of human nature as disappointment, grief, ...

2017 A Look Back

A Look Back – 2017

While I would love to say that I’m going to play every game I buy…I’d be lying to you and to myself.  The reality is that I buy wargames because I love the hobby.  Sometimes, that me...

Flying Colors Cover

Flying Colors – A Long Overdue Review

Flying Colors from Mike Nagel and GMT Games has been out now for over a decade.  Released in 2005, a later “deluxe” 2nd edition added thicker counters to the game and included errata fixes...

9.5 Amazing
Game of the Year 2017

Game of the Year 2017

It’s time to reflect on a year of wargaming.  Sadly, the transition to a new job with significantly increased hours has limited my availability to play wargames.  I used to have more time for th...

Holland 44 Cover

Holland ’44 Review

Operation Market Garden is a well covered wargaming topic.  Others that rank higher include Bulge, Gettysburg, Normandy, Stalingrad, and Waterloo. As a result, there is a deep roster of fantastic desi...

9.6 Amazing
Is Fun Good Enough?

Is FUN good enough?

Gatekeeper: When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity. Why bring it up?  Well, the board wargaming world is full of gatekeep...

South China Sea Initial Thoughts

South China Sea – Initial Thoughts

I am an avid reader of the US Naval Institute’s news website and have read the last few People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) updates that were prepared for Congress. What struck me each ti...

5 Essential Wargame Accessories

Top 5 Essential Wargame Accessories

Without question what tabletop board wargaming and miniature wargaming are different creatures.  Aside from the decidedly…”flat” appearance of traditional hex & counter wargames ...

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