6 Reasons to Check Out Captain’s Sea

Mike Nagel is back with an age of sail ship duel boardgame called Captain’s Sea. We’re going to run through 6 reasons to check out Captain’s Sea because…why not? The game is cu...

Now Featuring PC Wargaming

I’m Adding Digital Wargaming Content

I’m adding digital wargaming content. There…I said it. While my first wargame was Avalon Hill’s 1988 release Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Edition, I was already a computer gamer. My ...

Previewing Rulebooks

Quick Thoughts on Previewing Rulebooks

Size matters. Lets face it, we all know about the wildly varying lengths rulebooks that accompany this hobby. However, what we don’t always talk about is how well rulebooks use their girth. Seri...

Get Off the Beaches

Normandy ’44 – Get Off the Beaches!

Today we’re looking at the first turn in Normandy ’44 [BGG] [GMT Games]. Clearly, the advice to “get off the beaches” applies, it is a Normandy game after all. We’re actu...

Virtual Tabletop Thursdays - Alexander the Great
Normandy 44 Rulebook

Normandy ’44 – Rule Notes

I’m preparing to revisit Normandy ’44 and wanted to make some rule notes. I threw this together about things that have occurred to me this time around. I’m looking at the latest livi...

ASL Homecoming The Beginning Header

ASL Homecoming: The Beginning

This is the story of my ASL Homecoming. ASL, or Advanced Squad Leader, can be a polarizing subject for folks in the wargaming community. It’s “all-in” on hyper-detailed rules, expens...

Charles S Roberts Awards 2020 – My Ballot Part 2

The deadline for submitting your Charles S Roberts Awards 2020 ballot is fast approaching (June 15, 2020) so don’t hesitate. This article completes my voting for the Charles S Robert Awards 2020...

CSR Ballot 2020 Part 1

My Charles S Roberts Awards 2020 Ballot – Part 1

The Charles S Roberts Awards, CSR Awards hereafter, reappeared unexpected in 2020. The gold standard in wargaming opened up for a more democratic approach to selecting the winners this year. Revisions...

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