The Great Game Map

The Great Game Next Up From Legion Wargames

Legion Wargames is bringing The Great Game to game tables this December as a late 2017 release as a part of their CPO, Customer Pre-Order system. The Great Game, designed by John Gorkowski (Breaking t...

Three New Pre-orders From One Small Step

One Small Step games announced on December 26 that they are taking pre-orders on three new games called Bear Flag Republic, Operation Storm: Stalin’s Barbarossa, and Stalin’s Final War: Wh...

First Thoughts - Thunder in the Ozarks

Thunder in the Ozarks Initial Thoughts

There are so many American Civil War games on the market it has become almost as crowded as the World War II topics! In 2018 alone Longstreet Attacks, Atlanta is Outs, Roads to Gettysburg II, Battle H...

Triumph of Chaos v2 Ad

Triumph of Chaos Deluxe 2nd Edition

Since first published in 2005, Triumph of Chaos has developed a somewhat avid following in the gaming community. Similar to other card driven strategic games, players assume roles of political and mil...

Triumph of Chaos Marches Closer

Triumph of Chaos Marches Closer

Exciting news this week from fans of David Dockter’s Triumph of Chaos who have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Deluxe Second Edition from Clash of Arms Games. The first production com...

Wargaming Evolves and Reinvents Itself Again

Wargaming Evolves and Reinvents Itself

On August 4, 1998 Monarch sold Avalon Hill to Hasbro and, though there were other wargaming companies publishing great games, it was nonetheless the end of an era for many wargamers who the grew up wi...

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