Thunder in the Ozarks Initial Thoughts

First Thoughts - Thunder in the Ozarks

There are so many American Civil War games on the market it has become almost as crowded as the World War II topics! In 2018 alone Longstreet Attacks, Atlanta is Outs, Roads to Gettysburg II, Battle Hymn Vol. I, and Hood’s Last Gamble have found their way from publishers to gamer’s tables. It truly is […]

Revolution Games End of Year Sale

Revolution Games End of Year Sale 2017

Revolution Games is now holding their annual sale with up to 40% off some games.  Revolution Games is known for their excellent treatment of more obscure topics such as Last Battle: Ie Shima 1945 which covers the American Invasion of Ie Shima island.  This title can be purchased now for just $20 which is 25% […]