1776 Cover


6 Games in One Package: Each a Realistic Simulation of the War for Independence 1776, like all Avalon Hill games, is more than just the standard roll the dice and move game. It is a realistic simul...

1914 Offensive a Outrance Cover

1914 Offensive a outrance

1914, Offensive à outrance, The Initial Campaigns on the Western Front in WWI realistically covers the battles fought in Belgium, France, and Germany during the first months of World War One.

1914 Twilight in the East Cover

1914 Twilight in the East

1914, Twilight in the East models the battles that took place in Prussia, Poland and Galicia during the first year of World War One. Beginning with the Russian invasions of Prussia and Galicia in Augu...

1914 Glorys End When Eagles Fight Cover

1914: Glory’s End / When Eagles Fight

1914: Glory's End, a Charles S. Roberts Award nominee, covers the first three months of the war on the Western Front, as Imperial Germany gambled its future on a decisive victory over the armies of Fr...

5th Fleet Cover

5th Fleet

5th Fleet builds upon the Fleet Series games from Victory Games.  This time around, events center on the Indian Ocean.

A Distant Plain Cover

A Distant Plain

The latest volume in Volko Ruhnke's COIN Series takes 1 to 4 players into the Afghan conflict of today’s headlines, this time in a unique collaboration between two top designers of boardgames on moder...

A Fearful Slaughter Cover

A Fearful Slaughter

This is it. As its sister game (This Hallowed Ground) did for Gettysburg and (This Terrible Sound) did for Chickamauga, A Fearful Slaughter strives to be the definitive Shiloh game. Unrivaled in si...

A World At War Cover

A World At War

First published by GMT in 2003, A World at War is a grand strategy game based on the award-winning Advanced Third Reich/Empire of the Rising Sun gaming system. A World at War simulates the military, e...

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