Hypothetical Conflicts

5th Fleet Cover

5th Fleet

5th Fleet builds upon the Fleet Series games from Victory Games.  This time around, events center on the Indian Ocean.

Air Cav Cover

Air Cav

Air Cav, released in 1985, simulates attack helicopter combat in hypothetical settings from the mid-70's through the 80's.  Of note are the maps which provide options for gaming across desert and temp...

Flashpoint Golan Cover

Flashpoint: Golan

Flashpoint:Golan features a hypothetical conflict as a part of the ongoing Arab-Israeli Wars.  In this case, a fifth conflict in the Golan Heights and surrounding area.  The game features a unique seq...

MBT Cover


MBT is a complete game system modeling the US 7th Army and the GSFG Soviet mechanized forces of 1987. It is M1 Abrams (105mm and 120mm armed versions) versus a whole stable of Soviet armor with their ...

NATO Air Commander Cover

NATO Air Commander

NATO Air Commander is a gripping and challenging solitaire strategy game from first-time designer Brad Smith. A diverse mix of period-appropriate aircraft and nine different mission types make for a c...

South China Sea Cover

South China Sea

South China Sea (SCS) provides an integrated political-military simulation of near future contention and conflict around the South China Sea.  Players take on the roles of China, the United States, Ma...

9.3 Amazing
South China Sea - Video - Example of Play

South China Sea – Example Turn

An example turn from South China Sea. This shows the first turn of the second scenario.

South China Sea Initial Thoughts

South China Sea – Initial Thoughts

I am an avid reader of the US Naval Institute’s news website and have read the last few People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) updates that were prepared for Congress. What struck me each ti...

South China Sea Cover

South China Sea Review

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feverishly playing through South China Sea from Compass Games LLC which was designed by John Gorkowski. The game is a descendant, of sorts, from Gorkowski̵...

9.3 Amazing

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