World War II

The Causcasus Campaign Cover

The Caucasus Campaign

The Caucasus Campaign is a quick playing, moderately complex game with large hexes and easy-viewing 5/8 counters. The game system is based on the classic Igo-Ugo/movement-combat-exploitation system, b...

The Pacific War Cover

The Pacific War: From Pearl Harbor to the Philippine Sea

In The Pacific War - From Pearl Harbor to the Philippines, two players face off in an epic struggle for control of the Pacific area of operations. In action from December 1941 to June 1944, the Japane...

Triumph and Tragedy Cover

Triumph & Tragedy

Triumph and Tragedy is a geopolitical strategy game for 3  players (also playable by 2) covering the competition for European supremacy during the period 1935-45 between Capitalism (the West), Communi...

Ukraine 43 Cover

Ukraine ’43

Ukraine '43 attempts to simulate this important campaign in a moderately complex game. The design uses the conventional move-fight-exploit sequence of play and the popular Zone of Control Bond rules. ...

Up Front Cover

Up Front

Up Front, Avalon Hill's legendary 1983 release, from Courtney F. Allen takes Squad Leader and turns it into a card game.  The chaotic nature of the tactical battlefield has rarely been captured as wel...

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