American Civil War

A Fearful Slaughter Cover

A Fearful Slaughter

This is it. As its sister game (This Hallowed Ground) did for Gettysburg and (This Terrible Sound) did for Chickamauga, A Fearful Slaughter strives to be the definitive Shiloh game. Unrivaled in si...

Atlanta is Ours Cover

Atlanta is Ours

Atlanta Is Ours is the next game in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. The two maps included are painted by original map artist Charlie Kibler. The military un...

Battle Above the Clouds Cover

Battle Above the Clouds

Battle Above the Clouds is the 8th game in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. This is the first game covering a western theater campaign and will serve as the ...

Battle Hymn Vol 1 - Gettysburg and Pea Ridge Cover

Battle Hymn: Volume 1 – Gettysburg and Pea Ridge

Battle Hymn Vol. One includes two games: Gettysburg: The Tide Turns and Pea Ridge: The Struggle for Missouri. Battle Hymn is a new brigade-level system based upon the latest research into Civil War co...

9.5 Amazing
Death Valley P500 Banner

Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah

Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah is the seventh installment of the Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW) series, published by GMT Games. In a campaign still studied in military acade...

For the People Cover

For the People

For the People is a grand strategy game of the American Civil War covering the conflict from Texas to Pennsylvania, from the firing on Fort Sumter to the end at Appomattox Court House. You take the ro...

Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Cover

Gettysburg: 125th Anniversary Edition

Gettysburg is a game played by moving blue and gray units representing the infantry, cavalry and artillery formations present at the historic battle on detailed map board representing the actual battl...

Grant Takes Command Cover

Grant Takes Command

Grant Takes Command simulates all the action of this pivotal campaign. This sev­enth volume in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series recreates the marches, assaults, and defensive strat...

Here Come the Rebels Cover

Here Come the Rebels!

This simulation of the Antietam campaign is the second volume in Avalon hill's new series of strategic Civil War games. Unlike most Civil War games, which concentrate on specific battles, Here Come...

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