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A true strategic simulation of the pacific war, East Wind Rain allows players to command the war economies of the U.S., Japan, Great Britain, China and Australia and build what they think will be the best mix of air, sea and land forces. For 16 quarterly turns, these forces must battle across a unique map that combines area and hex movement to represent the theater of war from Pearl Harbor to India.

Naval forces are organized into Task Forces, and are then moved with hidden composition to conduct such naval missions as; shore bombardment,amphibious assaults, carrier strikes and more. Four different types of aircraft (army air, naval air, bombers, and super bombers) are operated from either Army air bases or Naval Task forces. Ground units range from airborne brigades to Chinese Armies.

Despite its scope, East Wind Rain is an easily playable game that will appeal to both the wargamer and naval enthusiast alike. A simple one turn Midway scenario provides an easy to handle intro to the rules and game system. Midway, Solomons, and Marshall campaigns introduce players to the economics and planning of operations.

There is also a campaign game in which players may plan and fight the great campaign that decided the mastery of the Pacific.

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