Caesar Cover

Caesar – The Civil Wars

49BC. Rome is in turmoil. Armed mobs rule the streets. The First Triumvirate, overseers of the last days of the Roman Republic, has disintegrated. The Senate and the people have two options: on the on...

Caesar Conquest of Gaul Cover

Caesar: Conquest of Gaul

In 58 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar was appointed by the Roman Senate as proconsul for Gaul, for which he was given 4 legions. the ambitious Caesar, a military ingenue, had little idea of how lucky he was g...

Carthage The First Punic War Cover

Carthage: The First Punic War

The Ancient World system moves to the Punic Wars, the greatest event in the ancient world and a true turning point in history. Carthage concentrates on Punic events that take place in Carthage/Africa ...

Chariots of Fire Cover

Chariots of Fire

The Great Battles of History series ventures back into the mists of time: the Bronze Age, or the Age of the Chariot. From approximately 1700 BC to 1200 BC (which was the abrupt end of the Bronze Age) ...

Ancients Era Placeholder - No Cover

Commands & Colors: Ancients

As of 2017, the original Commands & Colors game has gone through six publications and remains one of the great entry points to wargaming for casual gamers.  Commands & Colors: Ancients provide...

Devils Horsemen Cover

Devil’s Horsemen

The Great Battles of History series is back with Devil's Horsemen, an examination of the military tactics of steppe tribe warfare, as immortalized by the mighty armies of Genghis Khan and the Mongols....

Falling Sky Cover

Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

FALLING SKY takes 1 to 4 players into the military actions and complex politics of Roman-occupied but not-yet-conquered Gaul. Caesar and his hard-hitting legions cannot be everywhere and will not triu...

No Cover Available

Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

Originally published by Avalon Hill in 1996, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage provides players the opportunity to re-fight the Second Punic War through a card driven wargame mechanic similar to We The Peop...

Pax Romana Cover

Pax Romana

How did Rome get to be Rome? Why did the Glory That Was Greece fade? What stopped Carthage from making an empire of the Mediterranean? Could the Seleucids really have conquered the western world? T...

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