First Two Turn Playthrough of Platoon Commander: Kursk Scenario 3

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Today we’re going to take a quick look (literally) at Platoon Commander: Kursk. I created these three Platoon Commander playthrough videos over the weekend working through the scenarios included in the base game.

You’re going to see some sub-optimal play in order to facilitate the Turn 2 combat focus and to show off parts of the game system in a more easily digestible format. I try to stay out of the weeds (there are very few in this low-complexity game) to make the videos easier to watch.

The first video introduces the scenario and some basic information about the units and objectives. You’ll get a chance to check out the Germans taking the initiative and making their first move forward.

In the second video, you’ll get a chance to see the Russian units and their advance into knife fighting range.

Turn 2

Let’s try out some combat and compress the time down a bit.

My review of this game is incoming Friday….stay tuned!

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