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    I think that this is a great game that gets a bum wrap by folks who are casual gamers and dillitents in war. This game, to me, replicates the company commanders role very well abd demonstrates small unit fire and maneuver doctrine far better than ASL or Combat Commaner do. The innovative way that the game addresses combat and card driven terrain that typifies a campaign is awesome.



    The whole implementation of command and control is a shining element. I agree that it’s a true gem. Innovative and incredibly playable once you get the hang of it. I think the rulebook was definitely its downfall in the initial release, but there are PLENTY of videos out there to help folks learn the game at this point.



    I can see and have felt where the confusion has been. I believe in some cases there are logical leeps that are made as a result of the designers background that mean if the reader has no frame of reference or context they may get lost in the message. Holding to the intent and theme though generally will see one through. I am happy to see that Vol 2 looks like it will actually come out in the near future. Though I have not gone beyond World War Two yet I am anxious to see the take on the Marines. This new release may also mean that some fan design campaigns may start to come out. Using the same action deck but modifying the terrain deck. Immediately D-Day landings, Italy, and the Hurtegan Forest spring to mine as excellent options for expanded play.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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