1809: Napoleon’s Danube Campaign

Game Description

The Campaign: Three grueling months of bitter conflict, thrusting Napoleon’s “little conscripts” against a re-vitalized Austrian army determined to avenge its humiliating defeats of the past. An embattled advance along more than 200 miles of the Danube Valley in a contest of maneuver, thrust, and counterthrust immortalized on such battlefields as Abensberg, Ratisbon, Ebelsberg, Aspern-Essling, and Wagram.

The System Design: A proven classic representation of Napoleonic warfare, demanding a delicate balance among command and communication, daring and discretion. A dynamic exercise in the application of limited administrative resources to maneuver, and a tense contest of skill, finesse, and hammer blows.

The Presentation: Sophistication without needless complexity. An innovative rules format, complementing the exceptional graphics, quickly orients players to the game’s essential and subtle relationships.

(SOURCE: Game Box)

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