Across 5 Aprils

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Across 5 Aprils is actually five wargames in one, depicting the Civil War battles of 1st Bull Run, Pea Ridge, Shiloh, Gettysburg, and Bentonville. Each battle has its own map and playing pieces, but all five use the same set of Basic Rules. For maximum historical accuracy, brief (1-2 page) sets of Exclusive Rules are provided in order to simulate the unique circumstances of the individual battles. The Across Five Aprils game system is extremely easy to learn, and is particularly well suited for beginning or first-time gamers. Still, despite the overall simplicity of its rules mechanics, Across Five Aprils incorporates up-to-date concepts of phased movement, initiative, and morale, and therefore has much to offer the experienced gamer as well. Furthermore, the game system plays very quickly; the smaller battles such as 1st Bull Run and Pea Ridge can be finished within an hour or two, while even the massive slugfests of Shiloh and Gettysburg can be played to completion in only three or four hours!

(SOURCE: Game Box)

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