Hell’s Highway

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This game is an operational level simulation of the greatest airborne campaign of World War II. In September of 1944, three Allied airborne divisions dropped up to 60 miles behind German lines in Holland to seize and hold a series of roads and bridges until British ground forces could break through the front lines to link up with the paratroopers- to create an open road to the heart of the Third Reich. Until now, the tragic yet fascinating story of Market-Garden has not been simulated on a level that allows an appreciation of the entire campaign, without bogging down in endless detail. In Hell’s Highway, players trace the leaden movement of XXX Corps along its jammed highway, drop the gallant paratroopers on the key bridges, and launch the unexpected panzers against the grim Arnhem defenders. Three scenarios and numerous deployment options allow players to explore the battle with historical hindsight, or to experience first-hand the confusion of those bloody days.

(SOURCE: Game Box)

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