Hollandspiele Releases Charlemagne, Master of Europe

Charlemagne Master of Europe Cover
Charlemagne Master of Europe Cover

Just in time for their Cyber Monday sales, Hollandspiele has released the new solitaire game Charlemagne, Master of Europe.  The game normally retails for $45.00 USD, but can be had through December 1st for just $40.00 USD.

Designed by Tom Russell, this solitaire game is the spiritual successor to Hollandspiele’s Agricola, Master of Britain.  In effect, your decisions matter.  Each time you make a decision, the populace may react positively to it or negatively.  Over time, these small adjustments will help define how well you stack up as a modern-day Carolus Magnus.

Can you match up to history?

Will you be able to recreate the sweeping administrative, religious, educational, military, and diplomatic successes as the historical Charles the Great?  This isn’t just a game about founding the university system.  You’ll get to conquer new territory, deal with insurgencies, and help to recreate (hopefully) the Carolingian Renaissance.  This is a game of subtle choices with lasting effects that may pile up and plague you down the road.

If you’re interested, you can find more details and purchase from Hollandspiele at https://hollandspiele.com/products/charlemagne-master-of-europe


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