Normandy 44 final thoughts

Normandy ’44 Final Thoughts

I started playing Normandy ’44 back in June and have slowly worked through the turns in what may constitute the slowest solo-play in history. This week I wrapped up the game and, instead of a re...

Get Off the Beaches

Normandy ’44 – Get Off the Beaches!

Today we’re looking at the first turn in Normandy ’44 [BGG] [GMT Games]. Clearly, the advice to “get off the beaches” applies, it is a Normandy game after all. We’re actu...

Normandy 44 Rulebook

Normandy ’44 – Rule Notes

I’m preparing to revisit Normandy ’44 and wanted to make some rule notes. I threw this together about things that have occurred to me this time around. I’m looking at the latest livi...

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