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On to Richmond! is an exciting game of strategy and maneuver. McClellan has overwhelming force at first, but Richmond is a long way off and the rainy season has just begun. Meanwhile, reinforcements from all over the south are arriving in Richmond under the command of General Joseph Johnston. Waiting in the wings is a Confederate general named Robert E. Lee.

On to Richmond! recreates one of the most significant campaigns of the Civil War. If you’re a history buff or an amateur strategist you’ll enjoy matching wits with opponents or comparing your performance to the real generals of the campaign.

As a player, you control Union and Confederate forces in turns representing one day of real time. The game’s map is drawn exclusively from Civil War period maps from state and county archives. Each hexagon on the superimposed grid equals about 2,000 yards.

Eight scenarios are provided, ranging in scope from the entire campaign to a short cavalry raid which can he played in just 15 minutes.

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