Paper Wars #90 Shipping Now!

Paper Wars, the wargaming periodical from Compass Games LLC, is now (October 26, 2018) shipping issue #90. The insert game for this issue is Macarthur: The Road to Bataan which was originally released by Jack Greene back in Wargamer magazine, issue #44 from 1985. The game is best summed up by Compass Games’ own press release

Paper Wars 90 Now Shipping

This game deals with a large island that must defend itself without any hope of significant outside help, against an enemy that can strike from virtually any direction. The Japanese can assault the island at many different points, causing the Allies (Filipinos and Americans) to be very wary of being drawn too far from the island’s prize, Manila Bay, the main harbor at Manila, and the fortress of Corregidor, that controls the entrance.

The game original was well received, especially for its innovative air rules, but this is a combined arms game that will prove incredibly challenging for the US player. Compass Games has surely addressed concerns from the 1985 release with regard to the garish map and errata/layout issues that affected many 3W games from the time. Overall, this should be a solid game and continues the tradition of Compass Games finding these older gems and releasing them for broad consumption via Paper Wars.

You can pick up your copy online for $41.95 USD at:


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