Pre-Order Compass Games’ Nightfighter Ace

Fans of Gregory M. Smith’s solitaire games can rejoice.  Shortly after Compass Games announced a World War I adaptation of Smith’s wildly popular The Hunters and Silent Victory games, they followed up with an announcement about a new solo design covering nightfighters in World War II.

Why Pre-order?

Without question, one of the most popular solitaire designers today is Gregory M. Smith and this game looks to extend that reputation.  This is the second game on this subject in the last 5 or so years.  Lee Brincombe Wood had Night Fighter for GMT Games, but this one is intentionally a solitaire game and looks like it uses similar systems to The Hunters series of sub games.

Instead of just replicating that formula across various weapon platforms and conflicts (DVG…we’re looking at you here…) Nightfighter Ace looks to extend the modeling to the crew and maintenance of the machines.  It sounds like there is a skill tree that you build upon allowing you to customize the kind of crewmates you upgrade in your missions which will certainly extend playability.

Check out the official page and back it over at


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