Publisher: Victory Games

Central America Cover

Central America

Central America is a comprehensive, dynamic simulation that encapsulates the multiple elements of modern land and air combat. Conventional and guerrilla warfare are combined in a fluid, interactive game system. Players choose for themselves the

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Pax Britannica Cover

Pax Britannica

A multi player game of empire, diplomacy, and global confrontation. The Great Powers of Great Britain, France, the US, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia, and Japan vie throughout the world for the wealth and esteem conferred

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France 1944 Cover

France 1944

France 1944 (Victory Games) is a Mark Herman design. It’s a 130 counter, 1 map game of the breakout and pursuit across France. Units are divisions, I believe. Components are up to VG’s usual high

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Hell's Highway Cover

Hell’s Highway

This game is an operational level simulation of the greatest airborne campaign of World War II. In September of 1944, three Allied airborne divisions dropped up to 60 miles behind German lines in Holland to

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Carrier Cover


Carrier is a solitaire simulation of both historical and hypothetical carrier battles in the Southwest Pacific Theater during the hotly-contested naval campaigns of 1942 and 1943. As the U.S. commander, you maneuver your task forces

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Mosby's Rangers Cover

Mosby’s Raiders

Mosby’s Raiders puts you in command of the Partisan Rangers. Your mission is to infiltrate enemy lines to disrupt the Union war effort. As you succeed in your operations, your notoriety grows and the Union

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The Civil War Cover

The Civil War

The Civil War can be played as an entire campaign or as year-long scenarios. The key to victory lies in the allotment of command. Each player must determine in advance where his major thrusts will

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Vietnam Cover

Vietnam 1965-1975

Vietnam 1965-1975 is considered by many to be the best simulation of the conflict in Vietnam ever created. Though much scholarship has occurred since Nick Karp’s original design, the underlying system continues to ring as

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The Korean War Cover

The Korean War

The Korean War is an operational level simulation of the first year of the conflict for control of the Korean peninsula. As commander of the North Korean or UN forces, you must carefully build up

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No Cover Available

NATO: The Next War in Europe

NATO: The Next War in Europe is an operational level simulation of potential NATO/Warsaw Pact conflict in Central Europe. The game is played on a single map sheet, depicting the area from Denmark to the

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