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  1. The -2 modifier for a district leader only applies to the roll for command not for the combat roll. Also, McPherson is not a district leader – district leaders have a star on the counter.

    The Emerging Civil War series has two recent books on the Atlanta Campaign that are pretty good and concise. I would start with those and then move to Decision in the West which goes into more detail. Then, if you still want more (!) Hess has several books on individual battles that go into considerable detail. Enjoy.

  2. The -2 modifier is only used when you Roll for Command – Step 5 in the Attack Procedure (Assault Action Only). Also, McPherson is not a District Leader. District Leaders have a red star on the counter.

    Decision in The West is probably the definitive book on the campaign, and quite detailed. The Emerging Civil War Series has a couple of shorter books on the campaign that are a good place to start. Then move on to Decision in the West. If you are still hungry for more (!) you can move on to the books by Hess on individual battles, they are very good.

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